Photographer & Electrical Engineer

Photographer & Electrical Engineer
Aytaç Arıkan, 31 years old. I was born in the Netherlands. I spent a part of my life in the Netherlands and Turkey. Currently, I live in the Netherlands. I have studied electronics and automation. My hobbies include photography and driving an Alfa Romeo.

While writing this, I looked in to my archive and surprised I can tell that I started photographing exactly 17 years ago in 2004 with my Kodak DX series camera. In 2008, I decided that I needed to switch to a more professional machine. My main goal while photographing was to freeze time. At any time, I could time travel by looking into my photo archive. I try to capture all the good moments, so I can look back at them in the future and having all the good memories to return. According to me, every photo has a feeling in it. Instead of my mind, I take photos with my heart causing the photos to reflect my emotions, my spiritual feeling, my thoughts and actions. While the years passed by, it is nice to relive the moment and the feelings while looking at my photos. This makes me happy.

Photography is my love, my photography is the mirror of my heart, I will photograph every moment I want to capture my entire life.

Lots of love and regards,

Aytaç Arıkan